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Are Dental Implants Safe for Me?

Are Dental Implants Safe for Me

Placement of a dental implant is considered the best treatment for those suffering from tooth loss. Dentists and patients alike believe that single tooth implants is the treatment that most closely resembles the look, feel and function of a natural tooth. Implants are also preferred for those with dentures, since dentures anchored by implants eliminate most of the usual issues that denture wearers face.

Despite the benefits of implants, however, they are not appropriate for everyone. If you have existing oral health problems, such as gum disease, you should not get implants. Implants make you more susceptible to infection, and if infection spreads to the bone, it can lead to failure of the implant. Furthermore, implants may not be suitable for those with weakened immune systems. This is because a dental implant is a foreign substance, and, as such, any virus or bacteria that targets it can be difficult for the immune system to fight off. In addition, like any foreign material introduced, your body can reject a dental implant.

For healthy patients though, implants are perfectly safe and normally pose no problems. However, dental implant placement is a surgical procedure, and, like any surgery, complications can still arise. Furthermore, a poorly placed implant can present issues such as numbness or nerve damage. For this reason, it is essential that you choose an experienced dentist for placement of your dental implant. To find out if you would make a good candidate for dental implants, contact our experienced dentist to schedule a consultation.

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