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Cheap Dental Implants

Cheap Dental ImplantsDental implants are generally preferred by patients and dentists as the top choice for replacing missing teeth. Because they are implanted in the jaw bone, dental implants offer the stability and functionality of natural teeth, as well as improved appearance.

Dental Implant Benefits

Patients have several reasons for choosing cheap dental implants over alternatives, such as bridges and traditional dentures. No drilling of adjacent teeth is necessary during placement of implants, which can stand alone wherever they are needed. When used with partial dentures, dental implants let patients eat and speak without discomfort or embarrassment. Compared to both bridges and dentures, dental implants support oral health better because they prevent jaw bone loss and tooth shifting and are less likely to foster bacteria that cause decay.

How Our Dentist Places Cheap Dental Implants

Our dentist places dental implants over a series of appointments. When patients have jaw bone loss, they will require bone grafting and several months of healing before implants can be inserted. Our Beverly Hills dental implants expert places implants in the first surgery, and patients must heal for two to six months afterwards. The next step is attachment of extensions for patients receiving two-stage implants. In the final appointment, our dentist attaches crowns or partial dentures to the implants according to the goals of the patient.

Who Can Receive Cheap Dental Implants?

Most healthy adults are candidates for dental implants. Unfortunately, dental implants are less likely to heal properly when patients smoke, drink heavily or have uncontrolled diabetes or advanced gum disease. In all cases, however, patients must consult with our dentist to determine whether they qualify for treatment.

Patients can help their dental implants last longer by brushing and flossing each day and having professional cleanings and check-ups twice each year. To learn more about dental implants and determine candidacy, patients can contact our dentist for a consultation.

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