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Cost of Dental Implants

Cost of Dental ImplantsDental implants are the most complete option for replacing teeth. Because dental implants replace tooth roots, they prevent jaw bone loss and its complications, such as tooth decay, gum disease and facial disfigurement. This feature is included in the cost of dental implants, increasing the value enjoyed by patients who choose them.

Dental Implants Offer Cost Efficiency

Replacing teeth with dental implants helps safeguard against a variety of oral health problems that can require costly treatment. With protection from teeth shifting, patients are less likely to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease that can result from long-term accumulation of food and bacteria in crevices. A healthy jaw is also dependent on these roots. As a result, patients who receive dental implants are not prone to jaw deterioration and the facial muscle loss that can strike those who receive dentures or dental bridges. By considering the value of avoiding plastic surgery to fix those issues, patients can further justify the cost of dental implants.

Value in the Placement of Dental Implants

Dental implant placement is performed in stages. In the initial surgery, our expert in dental implants in Beverly Hills places the implants in the jaw through tiny incisions. When two-stage implants are chosen, patients also receive extensions. All patients finally have their implants topped with permanent crowns or removable dentures based on their goals. Unlike bridges, dental implants do not require grinding down adjacent teeth during placement.

The cost of dental implants can be justified based on the many benefits that patients gain through their use. Certain factors, such as the need for bone grafting, the number of implants and the choice of implant type, can affect the total cost of treatment. In the long term, patients who choose dental implants over alternatives can expect more complete and permanent improvement of their functional and aesthetic well-being.

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