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Dental Implants and Their Risks

Dental Implants and Their Risks

Dental implants have been used for decades to replace teeth that have been lost. The procedure has been tested and fine-tuned over the years so that, today, dental implant surgery is one of the most predictable procedures performed in dentistry. As a result, it is considered extremely safe and effective.

Despite their safety record, no surgery is without risks. Though rare, complications can arise. The risk for complications may be higher for smokers and those with other health issues. The following are some of the complications that could arise during or after a dental implant procedure.

• Infection: These can result from the surgery or from gum disease. They can be treated with antibiotics. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits is the best way to prevent gum disease and associated complications.
• Damage to other teeth or tooth roots: Though rare, this can happen during the procedure.
• Insufficient jawbone preventing completion of the procedure: This risk can be minimized by performing bone grafting prior to the procedure to increase bone density.
• Damage to facial nerves, which can cause numbness, tingling or pain in the face: Though rare, nerve damage can be temporary or permanent
• Sinus issues: This can arise from an implant in the upper arch being placed too close to the sinus passages
• Fracture of the Implant: Implants can occasionally break, requiring replacement.
• Failure of the implant: This can be caused by infection or gum disease, insufficient bone, or other issues.

To minimize risks and complications it is essential to choose an experienced dentist like our dental implant dentist to place your implants. For more information on the procedure, contact our office to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and any concerns you may have.

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