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Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

Multiple Teeth Dental ImplantsMultiple teeth dental implants, also referred to as implant supported bridges, are used to replace multiple missing teeth. This type of bridges has several benefits over traditional fixed bridges.

Multiple teeth dental implants are secured directly into the jaw bone. Because this type of implants does not need additional support, surrounding teeth can be left alone and retain their integrity and natural function. With traditional fixed bridges, surrounding teeth are scraped down to their inner structure in order to attach the outer crowns that are part of the fixed bridge.

Unlike traditional fixed bridges and partial dentures, implant supported bridges do not sit on the gum surface but are actually attached into the jaw bone. This allows for more natural functioning and appearance over other teeth replacement options. This type of implant remains secure when talking, chewing, and eating so there is no slipping or shifting of the dental appliance.

With traditional fixed bridges and partial dentures that simply rest on top of the gum, bone loss can occur at the site of the missing teeth. Unused bone begins to erode and be reabsorbed into the body. With multiple teeth dental implants, the bone is saved and strengthened during the healing process, saving the structure and integrity of the jaw bone.

Two or more metal roots are inserted into the jaw bone and given time to heal. The bone heals around the root creating a secure foundation. Metal extensions may need to be added then the new bridge is attached to the metal root extension with abutments for a more permanent and secure replacement for missing teeth that is natural in appearance.

If you have several missing teeth, make an appointment with our Beverly Hills dental implants expert to see if you are a good candidate for implant supported bridges.

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